Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Band

The band, now consisting of Dobs, Nick and Ash, was originally formed (with a slightly different make up) in early 2004. Since then the band has played throughout the ACT and in Victoria and this year intends to play more places, more often.

After trying several drummers the band finally came accross Nick to make up the band as it is today. You may know them as Moneyshot 101 though the band is soon enter a new era with a new name, new songs and a new recording. Stay posted for further news. Posted by Picasa


Alcifer said...

Ash - are the circulating rumours true? Is there going to be a band performance this Thursday??


Ash said...

Ahhh, i'm glad that rumour seems to have legs, though the chinese whisper affect seems to have raised it's head... Though anything is yet to come out officially, it does appear that there is a good chance that a band, possiblly going by the name of "Bedford Decision", will make an appearance early on the night of the house party (Fri 10th, not Thu). However, the surprise cancellation of a rehearsal, due to the MIA status of drummer, Sick Nick, has thrown some doubt into the situation...