Monday, June 26, 2006

Monc party #... 5?

Saturday just gone was time for the fifth (can anyone confirm or correct this?) Moncrieff st party. Once again the punch came out, as did many of our friends.

With Dobs about to start exams Kate was relieved of driving duty and was able to let her hair down, or tie it back... Meanwhile Erin and Trace (both honorary house members) made the most of the night.

However with Trace, plus some encouragement from Erin, opting to drink the punch straight from the eski as opposed to the usual method of using a cup, her early retirement from the night was inevitable.

I think the less said about this photo with Pinko and Zac the dog the better.

Once again the nemo hat made an appearance. How could it have been a bad night!!!


Alcifer said...

That is the best Nemo shot ever! Ash - top party - no one can rock the house like the Moncrieff crew. How about Zac - did the little fellah turn up when the noise had died down?

Ash said...

Yeah found Zac safe and sound in Karina's room. I think he was comforting Trace.

Alcifer said...

Hey Ash,

What are you doing this Friday? Coming to Cowra after all?