Friday, June 29, 2007


Ok I said I'd try and put up some stuff to fill in the blanks from my last posting so here goes...

I did a six month exchange to Leeds University in the UK and lived here (well the buildings off in the distance to the left)Spent lots of time on a bus very much like this one heading in and out of town. This is one of many trips into town of a night. My bus line ran until 3am most mornings which was handy.

Even though London was only about 4 hours by train, I knew many locals who had never been! Most Pom's had absolutely no real concept of distance.

You don't have to be studying engineering to realise that things were built differently a while ago. This is a photo of The Shambles in York, in which some of the buildings date back to the 1400's.Edinburgh was only a couple of hours on the train and was probably the most impressive city I saw in the UK. Ireland was very easy to get to, especially from Leeds, but really from anywhere in the UK. This is a photo from when I visited a friend who I met in New Zealand, Judith, who lives in Belfast. I headed back to Ireland twice more, not paying more then about $60 return including taxes.

Jen, another Aussie studying at Leeds, and I trying to fit in amongst the locals in Dublin. The beers weren't quite as cheap, although admittedly I wasn't there on a Thursday, but they did a great lunch, and the Guinness is always good in Ireland. Who says drinking isn't a career... These guys get to drive around to all the pubs in Ireland and 'test' the Guinness to make sure it's being served right. Where were these guys at careers day in high school!

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