Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Gladiator Sausage

Sunday arv we all managed to drag ourselves out of bed at some ungodly AM hour and headed for Big Splash out at Maquarie. For those of you who aren't familiar with the place it's a water park with water slides and, on the day we were there, the gladiator sausage! Karina is shown above at the 'crab threshold' (the point where you become fair game to be knocked off) Unfortunately for her this was as far as she got on all but one attempt.
The park also had some pretty good slides (Pinko, Jen and Karina shown) and by the end of the day we had the art of speed sliding, and stair climbing, down pat.
The other shot is Jen and myself battling it out at the end, but there can be no winner in this situation.


Alcifer said...

Hey Ash,

Check out this cool clip about toyotas.

Nice photos, btw.


Ash said...

Hey Pinko,
The link didn't seem to work. Maybe try emailing me the link. Cheers.