Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Noise polution reported at Fox Place

On Saturday Pinko finally bit the bullet and bought himself a PS 2 with the game Sing Star, if you've never heard of it consider yourself lucky. The arvo started with a Jen Pinko and myself having a few drinks and a bit of a sing and quickly turned into a few more people and a few more drinks. So of course our singing got much better as the night went on.

There were a few momonts of promise during the night, however they all occured after Pinko and myself had retired for the night.


Alcifer said...

G'day Ash!

This blog is awesome. Awesome like Singstar. I like these photos from the karaoke evening. Swing by my blog and check out the video of the Dancing Duncsta at some stage. If you are interested in posting movies, check out this useful tutorial on the topic.

I am surely looking forward to this Friday, by the way!


Ash said...

Good job on the video mate, looks good. I'm really looking forward to the house party too. It's going to be huge!!!