Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bedford Decision's first gig

I appologise for not putting up a post for a while, but unfortunately technical difficulties have stopped me doing so. However, fingers crossed, that's all sorted now...

Friday 10th March will go down as the day The Band first performed as Bedford Decision. New name, new songs, new gigs, and fingers crossed, hopefully soon a new recording... The show was great fun (amongst a whole bunch of mates at our house party) though it was perhaps somewhat premature (and overdue at the same time) with only two rehearsals in the four months before the gig.

As shown in the previous post there was a fairly good crowd of mates, and mates of mates, who managed to make it to the house party early enough. We did cop a lot of flack for not playing later as well, so next time we know... Pinko has a little bit of footage from the show that can be seen by clicking here. It's not much but there's movement at the station, for the word has gone around, the Bedford boys maybe doing a recording in the not so distant future... (again fingers crossed!)

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