Friday, March 17, 2006

Do the Moncrieff!

This is somewhat of a delayed post (due to the MIA status of loui, the house IT tech) but i think that it is still important that a night like last Friday night get a mention. For those of you who missed it, due to living on the other side of the world or some other pathetic excuse, you missed a great night. However hopefully you'll get a bit of enjoyment fromt these. As can be seen above and below, hats seemed to be the impromtu theme of the night...

The photo to the right was taken just after The Band had finished playing (see next post) hence why i look so knackered and sweaty (apparently the guitar strap sweat mark is 'very rock star' according to Dobs)

The photo below was taken as The Band was playing, not bad for early in the night. I think next time there may be a split gig with a tight early performance and a, most likely much sloppier, later show.

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Anonymous said...

Ash your a DICK! You need more photo's of ME Damn it! i rember the good old days of primary school and long walks along the beach (With Snakes). Also i want a stubby holder. Just in one last note. Redbull gives you wings. (And trippy hangovers)