Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On the move

Last weekend Erin and I decided that we were going to do some walking. But before we could do this we had to make sure we were properly equipped. This meant several trips to most of the outdoor stores in Canberra, and ended with several bargains, and us having to right gear (that looked good too). We were perhaps too ambitious in our plans and didn't get to go for a walk in Namadgi, but instead just went for a walk up Mt Ainslie. The photo left is us at the top; we managed to fend off the roos but not night fall.

The picture above is from two weekends ago, just before the house party. Straight after exams Erin and I headed down to Beechy to visit the folks and give Erin a look at Beechworth. We only were able to stay a couple of days but it was good. Dargo (my dog in the pic) was pleased to see us as she was spoiled more then she probably has been for a while.

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Cristy said...

Lets hope she was not introduced to dancing queen on her first visit!