Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Leeds, prepare yourself

I've, FINALLY, got my official acceptance to University of Leeds for next semester. Why I'm choosing to swap a nice and warm Ausie summer for a miserable UK winter I'm still not sure, but it will be different to have a white christmas at least. Waiting on this confirmation has meant a lot of organising stuff without really knowing what was happening but now it's happening. A bit scary really.
Now that I have been accepted I can begin my work experience that I've organised. As of next week I'm working in defence with Navy Platform Systems for nine (or so) weeks.


Alcifer said...

G'day Ash!

So - when are you going to Leeds?

I trust that you had a blast at Cowra on the weekend. I can't believe that you and Louis backed up again on Saturday and headed over to Kingston!

There's a few photos from the races weekend on my blog and on Ange's blog. Check them out.

So - no study while you are working for a couple of months? Sounds good.



Alcifer said...

How is work in the Navy Technical Systems going Ash?