Sunday, September 17, 2006

The United Kingdom of Ash (continued)

Blogger was playing up so I'll have to finish the rest of the previous post here.
The tour takes you around to all the sites and whilst I didn't have a whole heap of time up my sleeve (I'd spent the morning trying to fix phone problems I was having) I got to see most things. I did manage to stop at the natural history museum as well as the science museum, and with it being such a clear day I thought I had best make the most of it and go on the London Eye (above) even if it did mean that I spent more time in line for a ticket then actually on it.
You can see Big Ben (apparently technically only the name of the clocks bell) from pretty much anywhere in the middle of London so I have a whole bunch of photos of the big guy from several different angles, however this is probably one of the better ones and was taken whilst I was on the London Eye.

That's all for London for the moment but stay tuned for some posts on Leeds. I've only been in Leeds for 5 odd days, but it seems really good so I'll put up some photos from around here soon.

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