Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cowra picnic races '06

My apologies for taking so long with this post, but here it is. A few weeks ago were the Cowra picnic races and with Pinko being a Cowra ex-pat, the troops were rounded up for the event. Unfortunately the camera got stuck on a setting that no one ever new it had, so most of the photos are a bit blurry. We got to Pinko's place on a Thursday night and, after all being repeatedly beaten by his old man in darts, went inside for tea... and a home brew or 24...

The next day we all got up and donned our Friday's best ready for the big day. Pinko lives on a vineyard and it seemed a rather appropriate place to begin. The red bowtie was a very spur of the moment thing but worked brilliantly! In a 'special' kind of way...

With Pinko catching up with just about everyone in Cowra, he was sometimes hard to get a hold of. This is a photo I managed to get of him between reunions.

In the time it took to loose our eskies and regain them again a fair percentage of our tent had migrated into town. However Louis, Pinko and myself did our best to encourage people to visit our tent on there way through.

Eventually though it was time to follow the masses into town so after stashing the eskies in a super-secret hiding spot, we began to groove on in.

After a great night, two black eyes, a lost pair of sunnies and an incident with a barbed wire fence, it was time for the long walk home. As this was our first time to Cowra for many of us, Pinko decided to show us the scenic route, which we were only informed of well into the hike. Needless to say, by the time we got we were well and truely ready for a feed. (The corrosponding image doesn't appear to want to work at the moment but i'll try and post it again later.)

So thanks Pinko for putting us onto a good thing, and a big thanks to your folks for putting up with us. Look out for us next year Cowra!


Alcifer said...

Tradgedy strikes Canberra:

Ash goes overseas!

What's happenin', big guy?

Ash said...

Hey guys, gotta be quick cause my internet time is about to run out. In Japan in the moment and about to fly out to London in about half an hour. When i get all my stuff set up i'll send out an email to everyone.